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EBC – Evolutionary Biology Centre

EBC answers for most of Uppsala University's research and education in biology. Evolutionary biology comprises research touching on evolutionary processes at all levels, from molecular evolution and the evolution of genetic systems, organs, and immune systems to the evolution of local adaptation and social behaviours in natural populations, processes behind the development of new species, and the systems of organisms. The disciplines physiology, developmental biology and environmental toxicology, where the interactions between organisms and the environment are studied, are also part of EBC. The Museum of Evolution (Botany, Zoology and Paleontology) has both public and scientific lines of activitiy.

EBC hosts a number of research programmes (presented under reseach) which are each specialized and also involved in cooperations with other EBC-programmes and other fields and Universities. We conduct research in a variety of projects reaching outside the traditional biological disciplines. These involve both fundamental research and applied research concerning e.g. environmental issues and threatened species. The research is to a large extent based upon genetics and is aimed at understanding the processes behind the evolution of all life forms. We also do research for more knowledge about how organisms and their characteristics are affected by environmental factors.

Examples of research projects

High technology methods help us in understanding the anatomy and evolution of the earliest vertebrates. How do changes in behaviour and morphology in an individual affect the interaction between species?
What mechanisms regulate flowering time in plants? Do immune system types affect mate choice in the great snipe?

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Open positions



December 5th - Philipson Lecture


December 5th - Philipson lecture

David Baltimore
Californa Institute of Technology


"A MicroRNA Guards the Integrity of Hematopoietic Stem Cells"

The Annual EBC Symposium 2013, Time for registration


The Annual EBC Symposium this year will take place on Wednesday December 11. The activities will fill half the day (afternoon) and end with a pub from approximately 18:00 and onwards. The aim is to increase interdepartmental discussions and give feedback to PhD students from all parts of EBC. Therefore, it is expected that all PhD students and academic staff participate.

All academic staff (including senior researchers) are expected to participate. Please remember that ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST REGISTER, even if you plan to just listen. This is so that we can plan for the size of lecture halls to use and for coffee to be served during the breaks.

Kommande disputationer

  • Wednesday, May 7, 2014 10:00 Lindahlsalen, Norbyvägen 18, Uppsala Ajawatanawong, Pravech Mine the Gaps: Evolution of Eukaryotic Protein Indels and their Application for Testing Deep Phylogeny. Download fulltext More information