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Pontus Skoglund 

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In my research I use large-scale genomic data to learn about the human past. This involves developing bioinformatic methods for obtaining reliable DNA information directly from ancient remains as well as statistical methods for reconstructing population history. Using modern sequencing technology we can use these approaches to address outstanding questions in archaeology, human evolution and natural history, such as population dynamics during the prehistoric transition to agriculture in Europe (Science 336:466-469), evolutionary processes in early modern humans (Science 338:374-379) and their interactions with archaic populations (PNAS 108:18301-18306).



*These authors contributed equally


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1. P Skoglund, J Höglund, (2010) Sequence polymorphism in candidate loci for phenotypic differences in winter plumage between Scottish and Scandinavian populations of Willow grouse (Lagopus lagopus), PLoS ONE 5(4): e10334




2013 - Our study on figuring out the biological sex of ancient human remains (Journal of Archaeological Science, 2013) was chosen as a Research Highlight in Nature.

2013 - Discussing possible prehistoric connections between Indian and Australian populations in Vetenskapsradion (Swedish).

2012 - Coverage of our study of Khoe-San population history in southern Africa and evidence for natural selection in the ancestors of modern humans (Science, 2012): Nature, interview with Carina Schlebusch on South African TV (in Afrikaans), interviews in Swedish Radio (1,2).

2012 - Discussing Indo-European language origins in relation to genetics in Vetenskapsradion (Swedish).

2012 - Our analysis of ancient genomic DNA from Stone Age farmers and hunter-gatherers (Science, 2012) was featured by Nature, Science (news & analysis, press conference, podcast), international new outlets (e.g. Wall Street JournalBBC, MSNBC, Washington Post, LA TimesScience news, History.com, Spiegel, Le Figaro), and Swedish media (radio 1 2, 3, TV, (DN1, DN2, SvD, GP, UNT, Ny Teknik, Sydsvenskan).

2012 - Coverage of a Woolly mammoth microsatellite analysis (Mol Ecol, 2012) in BBC.

2011 - Coverage of the controversies surrounding dog origins in ScienceNOW.

2011 - Our analysis of signatures of archaic human ancestry in modern populations (PNAS, 2011) was featured by several Swedish (DN, DN2SvD, UNT, Metro, VK) and international (Science daily, Telegraph, CBS news, Wired, MSNBC, Daily Mail, der Spiegel, Times of India, National Geographic) news outlets.

2011 - Results from a study on the history of Native American dogs (BMC Evol Biol, 2011) was featured in the press of Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, and a news report (both in Spanish).



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