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Mattias Jakobsson


+46 (0)18-471 6449 (office)
+46 (0)18-471 6310 (fax)

Mailing address:

Dept. of Evolutionary biology, EBC,
Uppsala University,
Norbyägen 18D,
75236 Uppsala, Sweden

Visiting address:

EBC, Norbyvägen 18D, Room 1036

Mattias Jakobsson Lab at Uppsala University

News: Dec 10, 2013 -- The Swedish Research Council grants Mattias Jakobsson 18 million SEK ("Distinguished Young Researchers") .

News: Nov 29, 2013 -- Mattias Jakobsson is awarded "Wallenberg Academy Fellow".

November 20, 2013 -- Our collaborative paper "Upper Palaeolithic Siberian genome reveals dual ancestry of Native Americans" was published by Nature.

News: Oct 24, 2013 -- Riksbankens (the Swedish Central Bank) Jubileumsfond granted 35.4 millon SEK to our program “The Atlas of ancient human genomes in Sweden” -- see News and Events

News: Feb 15, 2013 -- Mattias Jakobsson received the Tage Erlander Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

News: Sept 20, 2012 -- Our paper on southern Africas Khoe and San populations was published in Science -- see News and Events

News: April 26, 2012 -- Our paper on Stone Ages Europeans was published in Science -- see News and Events

Torsten Gunther, Per Sjödin, Carina Schlebusch, Thijessen Naidoo, Emma Svensson, Nina Hollfelder, Ayca Omrak, Lucie Gattepaille, Mattias Jakobsson, Helena Malmström, Alexandra Coutinho. Absent: Agnes Sjöstrand, Hanna Edlund, Maximilian Larena.

Mattias Jakobsson

Mattias Jakobsson

Professor of Genetics

We are associated with:

Department of Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC)
EBC Graduate School on Genomes and Phenotypes
SciLifeLab Uppsala

Research interests

The research focuses on understanding evolutionary and demographic processes by using mathematical models and developing and utilizing statistical and computational methods for analyzing large genomic data sets. Specifically, we are interested in:

  • Human evolutionary genetics and inferring demographic history based population-genetic data.
  • Theoretical population genetics.
  • Developing methods for searching for genes targeted by recent selection.
  • Models of founder events and their implications for patterns of genetic variation.
  • The impact of demography on gene-mapping.


2014- Professor of Genetics, Uppsala University

2008-2013 Assistant Professor, Uppsala University
2005-2008 Postdoc, Computational biology, Rosenberg Lab, University of Michigan.
2005 PhD, Genetics, Section for Evolutionary Genetics, Lund University.
2003-2004 Research visit at the Nordborg Lab, University of Southern California.
2001 MS Biology and Mathematics, Lund University.

Our research is funded by the Swedish Research Council, the European Research Council, Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation, and the Swedish Central Bank foundation


Jakobsson Lab

Selected publications

  • M Jakobsson, MD Edge, & NA Rosenberg. (2013) The relationship between FST and the frequency of the most frequent allele. Genetics, 193: 515-528.
  • CM Schlebusch*, P Skoglund*, P Sjödin, LM Gattepaille, D Hernandez, F Jay, S Li, M De Jongh, A Singleton, MGB Blum, H Soodyall, & M Jakobsson. (2012) Genomic variation in seven Khoe-San groups reveals adaptation and complex African history. Science, 338: 374-379. 
  • P Skoglund, H Malmström, M Raghavan, J Storå, P Hall, E Willerslev, MTP Gilbert, A Götherström & M Jakobsson. (2012) Origins and Genetic Legacy of Neolithic Farmers and Hunter-Gatherers in Europe. Science, 336: 466-469.
  • LM Gattepaille & M Jakobsson. (2012) Combining markers into haplotypes can improve population structure inference. Genetics, 190: 159-174.
  • P Skoglund & M Jakobsson. (2011) Archaic human ancestry in East Asia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 108: 18301-18306.

  •  MGB Blum & M Jakobsson (2011) Deep divergences of human gene trees and models of human origins. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 28: 889-898.

  • M Jakobsson*, SW Scholz*, P Scheet*, JR Gibbs, JM VanLiere, H-C Fung, ZA Szpiech, JH Degnan, K Wang, R Guerreiro, JM Bras, JC Schymick, D Hernandez, BJ Traynor, J Simon-Sanchez, Matarin, M., A Britton, J van de Leemput, I Rafferty, M Bucan, HM Cann, JA Hardy, NA Rosenberg, & AB Singleton, (2008) Genotype, haplotype, and copy number variation in worldwide human populations. Nature, 451: 998-1003.
  • M Jakobsson & NA Rosenberg (2007) CLUMPP: a cluster matching and permutation program for dealing with label switching and multimodality in analysis of population structure. Bioinformatics, 23: 1801-1806.