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Contact Info

Mattias Jakobsson


+46 (0)18-471 6449 (office)
+46 (0)18-471 6310 (fax)

Mailing address:

Dept. of Evolutionary biology, EBC,
Uppsala University,
Norbyägen 18D,
75236 Uppsala, Sweden

Visiting address:

EBC, Norbyvägen 18D, Room 1036


Jakobsson Lab

Selected publications

  • M Jakobsson, MD Edge, & NA Rosenberg. (2013) The relationship between FST and the frequency of the most frequent allele. Genetics, 193: 515-528.
  • CM Schlebusch*, P Skoglund*, P Sjödin, LM Gattepaille, D Hernandez, F Jay, S Li, M De Jongh, A Singleton, MGB Blum, H Soodyall, & M Jakobsson. (2012) Genomic variation in seven Khoe-San groups reveals adaptation and complex African history. Science, 338: 374-379. 
  • P Skoglund, H Malmström, M Raghavan, J Storå, P Hall, E Willerslev, MTP Gilbert, A Götherström & M Jakobsson. (2012) Origins and Genetic Legacy of Neolithic Farmers and Hunter-Gatherers in Europe. Science, 336: 466-469.
  • LM Gattepaille & M Jakobsson. (2012) Combining markers into haplotypes can improve population structure inference. Genetics, 190: 159-174.
  • P Skoglund & M Jakobsson. (2011) Archaic human ancestry in East Asia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 108: 18301-18306.

  •  MGB Blum & M Jakobsson (2011) Deep divergences of human gene trees and models of human origins. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 28: 889-898.

  • M Jakobsson*, SW Scholz*, P Scheet*, JR Gibbs, JM VanLiere, H-C Fung, ZA Szpiech, JH Degnan, K Wang, R Guerreiro, JM Bras, JC Schymick, D Hernandez, BJ Traynor, J Simon-Sanchez, Matarin, M., A Britton, J van de Leemput, I Rafferty, M Bucan, HM Cann, JA Hardy, NA Rosenberg, & AB Singleton, (2008) Genotype, haplotype, and copy number variation in worldwide human populations. Nature, 451: 998-1003.
  • M Jakobsson & NA Rosenberg (2007) CLUMPP: a cluster matching and permutation program for dealing with label switching and multimodality in analysis of population structure. Bioinformatics, 23: 1801-1806.