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Principal Investigator


Tanja Slotte


Assistant Professor in Evolutionary Genetics


I am a population geneticist with broad interests in evolutionary and quantitative genetics. I am especially interested in using genomic data and methods to study classic evolutionary transitions in plants. So far, I have used population genetic data and analyses to investigate speciation in association with the shift to selfing in Capsella and to understand processes affecting genetic and phenotypic variation in polyploids. However, I am also interested in how selection affects different classes of sites across plant genomes, as well as in how and why the efficacy of natural selection differs among species.

My PhD thesis concerned the genetic basis of flowering time variation in Capsella bursa-pastoris, as well as the evolutionary history of this tetraploid. As a post-doctoral fellow with Stephen Wright, I worked on the demographics of speciation and mating system evolution. I have been an Assistant Professor at Uppsala University since the beginning of 2010.

Short CV

  • 2010- Assistant Professor in Evolutionary Genetics, Department of Evolutionary Biology, Uppsala University 
  • 2008-2010 Postdoctoral fellow in the Wright lab, York University (2008-2009) and University of Toronto (2009-2010)
  • 2007 PhD, Department of Evolutionary Functional Genomics, Uppsala University. Supervisor: Prof. Martin Lascoux.
  • 2005 Research visit with Prof. Lauren M. McIntyre, Computational Genomics, Purdue University 

PhD students 

Kim Steige

Kim's thesis work concerns the adaptive significance of regulatory changes in plants (see brief project summary). Kim previously studied the adaptive importance of changes in gene expression in the context of adaptation to abiotic stresses in two wild tomato species (Solanum chilense and S. peruvianum) as part of her Diploma project in Wolfgang Stephan's group at LMU in Munich. Additionally, she used population genetic tools to analyse the evolutionary history of a plant dehydrin in these two species. Kim started her PhD studies in October 2011 and has already won an essay competition in connection with the 2012 Evolutionary Genomics workshop (read more here).

Project Assistants

Cindy Canton

Cindy is working as a technical assistant working with molecular lab work and plant care.

Master students

Lakshmi Ponnuswamy

Lakshmi is doing a Masters project in Bioinformatics on the evolution of pollen-expressed genes in Arabidopsis relatives.


Interested in joining the lab?


We are currently recruiting students interested in doing Masters/exam projects.  See 'Joining the lab' and 'Research' on the left for more information, and contact Tanja Slotte if you are interested to discuss possible projects.


Contact Info

Tanja Slotte

+46 (0)18-471 6466 (office)
+46 (0)18-471 6310 (fax)

Mailing address:

Dept. of Evolutionary biology, EBC,
Uppsala University,
Norbyägen 18D,
75236 Uppsala, Sweden

Visiting address:

EBC, Norbyvägen 18D, Room 1037