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Hans Ellegren

+46 (0)18-471 6460 (office)
+46 (0)18-471 6310 (fax)

Mailing address:

Dept. of Evolutionary Biology, EBC,
Uppsala University,
Norbyägen 18D,
75236 Uppsala, Sweden

Visiting address:

EBC, Norbyvägen 18D

Ellegren Lab

Ellegren Lab

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Research in my laboratory addresses some key questions in evolutionary biology mainly using genetic and genomic approaches. This includes understanding the genetic basis for post-reproductive isolation during the speciation process, which we study using the collared flycatcher – pied flycatcher model system of speciation. We have recently sequenced and assembled the genome of both species. It also includes, since many years, general molecular evolutionary studies of how mutation, selection and recombination mould DNA sequence evolution. Another line of research deals with characterizing the genetic bias to important fitness-related traits in bird populations. Here, a key approach involves QTL mapping in zebra finch. Finally, we are interested in, also since long, sex chromosome evolution and sex-biased gene expression. For a more detailed description of our projects, please see Research.

Selected recent publications

  • Yazdi, H.P. & Ellegren, H. (2014) Old but not (so) degenerated: slow evolution of largely homomorphic sex chromosomes in ratites. Molecular Biology and Evolution, in press.
  • Ellegren, H. (2014) Genome sequencing and population genomics in non-model organisms. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 29:51-63
  • Nadachowska-Brzyska et al. (2013) Demographic divergence history of pied flycatcher and collared flycatcher inferred from whole-genome re-sequencing data. PLoS Genetics 9:e1003942.
  • Ellegren, H. (2013) The evolutionary genomics of birds. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 44:239-259.
  • Mugal, C.F., Arndt, P.F. & Ellegren, H. (2013) Twisted signatures of GC-biased gene conversion embedded in an evolutionary stable karyotype. Molecular Biology and Evolution 30:1700-1712.