Administrative personnel at EBC

Ingela Ericsson
Finance and Personnel: Animal Ecology
Phone: 018-471 2675

Marie Swanberg
Personnel: Plant Ecology, Limnology
Phone: 018-471 2850

Rose-Marie Löfberg
Finance and Personnel: Environmental Toxicology, Comparative Physiology, Evolution and Development
Phone: 018-471 6459

Eva Nordin Sundqvist
Finance: Limnology, Plant Ecology and Evolution, Norr Malma Field Station
Phone: 018-471 2800

Karin Lundberg
General administration
Finance and Personnel: Department level (both IEG IOB and Campus Management), Norr Malma Field Station, Systematic Biology, Physiological Botany, Evolutionary Biology
Phone: 018-471 4961

Frida Svedbergh
Finance: Evolutionary Biology, Campus Management, Reasearch School
Phone: 018-471 2867

Tove Broberg
General administration: UPPDOK, travel claims, IOB and Campus management, archives, dissertations and events.
Phone: 018-471 2809

Anette Överbring
Personel: IEG: Travel, reimbursements, employer's certificate
Phone: 018-4716442


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