Mailing list instructions

Who will get mail from the list

All who has a record in the University catalouge has automatically access to the mailing list of the appropriate program. A membership on one level automatically adds you on the next (if you are a member of Evolution then you are a member of both IEG-ALLA and EBC-ALLA). Students or guests that not is added to AKKA can apply for subscription on (log in with "gemensam webbinloggning" and password A, locate the appropriate list and look for the subsription button). The application will be sent to the person in charge of the list who has to accept or decline the request. 

Who can send to a list

If you is a mamber to any of the lists on EBC you can send mails to all EBC mailing lists.

How to send an email to the list

If you send mail to you are sending mail to all, people at EBC including the museum, the library and IBG. You can’t restrict with keywords at the “Subject:” line any more. Use this address with care!

If you need to reach people at the research departments use and/or

If you need to send mail to a more limited group use the mail addresses to respective program/unit (list above) and combinations of these.  (campus management) (the museum) (botanical garden)

Please take a second an consider who you need to reach and don’t just use ebc-alla carelessly.

If you have questions send them to !