Quick guide for writers (skribenter)

  1. Log into the Edit-On-Sight mode (ask your webmaster to provide you with a direct link - the quick-link to the right will be removed shortly).
  2. Find your page by clicking your way down the menu.
    - Only edit your own page.
    - Only edit existing text and articles.
    - Do never add or remove "components" - ask your webmaster to do this.
    - If you need a new page/article created - ask your webmaster to do this.
    - Never try to change/edit menus or side bars - talk to your webmaster.
  3. Either double-click on the article or choose "edit" at the bottom of the page (then you get a pop-up window).
  4. Edit the text.
  5. Save.
  6. Right-click on the article and choose "Publish" (be careful not to choose anything about components!). Choose your article and click "send for publishing".


To edit your personal webpage at the Uppsala University catalogue, please log on to Medarbetarportalen at http://mp.uu.se. You use your CAS-id and password A and do not need to register for authorization before starting.

In Medarbetarportalen you can also find all sorts of services and info, as well as join and create working groups. Soon there will also be internal information added from the different departments.