Campus Management at EBC

Campus management takes care of:

Security issues

  • Pass card and alarm functions, including door keys
  • Contacts with security guards
  • Coordination of fire prevention work
  • Coordination and monitoring IT security

Environment and work environment

  • Coordination of environment and work environment work in common premises
  • Function control of workplaces with safety ventilation
  • Recieving and disposing of of hazardous, chemical, and radioactive waste
  • Waste recycling
  • Removal of bulky waste

Mail and goods

  • Distribution of incoming and collection of outgoing mail
  • Outgoing parcels, domestic and abroad, overnight and slower
  • Post errands (collecting registered mail etc.)
  • Goods management


  • Research related service and operation
  • Depot for liquid nitrogen
  • Shop work (manufacturing and repair)
  • Flagging

IT issues

  • Purchasing and support of personal computers
  • Central/IT support
  • Shared/departmental copier/printers
  • Shared infrastructure (incl shared storage)
  • Voice and data networks
  • Audiovisual/presentation equipment in lecture halls and seminar rooms

Premises, operation and administration

  • Refurbishment and other adaptations initiated by the University
  • Movings and relocations
  • Contact with the landlord Akademiska hus
  • Signs and finger posts
  • Management of common rooms, eg. lecture rooms
  • Supply of media (electricity, water, heating and cooling) together with the landlord
  • Exchange of lamp bulbs and tubes
  • Refurnishing in offices and laboratories
  • Parking issuses