Mail services at EBC

Table of contents:

We help you with

  • Delivering and collecting mail
  • Outgoing mail
  • Fetching deliveries from the post office
  • Receiving goods

Delivery addresses


Evolutionary Biology Centre
Dept of XXX
Norbyvägen 18 D
SE-75236 Uppsala


Evolutionary Biology Centre
Dept of XXX
Kåbovägen 4 A
SE-75236 Uppsala

How to send letters (both domestic and overseas)

  • Use the pre-stamped envelopes available for your department.
  • For larger envelopes (e.g. padded envelopes), use a label with a pre-stamped barcode or you can cut a barcode from a pre-stamped envelope and tape it to your envelope.
  • Max weight for letters: 2 kg
  • When we run out of pre-stamped envelopes and labels, they will be ordered centrally for the whole department (IEG, IOB).

How to send packages (both domestic and overseas)

We primarily use Posten for domestic transport and CLX for overseas. CLX is a cost efficient logistics company that also is used by a.o. BMC and Ångström lab.

CLX will direct the consignments to FedEX, UPS, or DHL depending on contents and time frame.

CLX will only deal with deliveries that are sent from EBC, i.e. paid by someone at EBC. Unfortunately, we can not send mail or parcels etc. where the recipient pays with account.

Leave the package latest at 2 pm for sending the same day

Fill in this form, print it and bring it together with the package

Please state:

  1. Address of recipient, only complete adress is excepted (not box number)
  2. Phone nr of recipient
  3. Senders name and phone nr
  4. E-mail of sender and recipient
  5. Ref code (for billing) of sender
  6. Contents (if it is biological samples, it must be declared and stated whether they are contagious or not).
  7. When the package should reach its destination.
  8. If the package contains dry ice, it must be stated. (Three kg dry ice is needed for a 24 h transport.)

Leave the package in the mail room and contact one of the technicians in the campus management.

Deliveries of dangerous goods

See routine. 

Missing delivery

Please contact the campus management. Bring the tracking number of the delivery.


Responsible for post- and packages:

Stefan Björklund, tel. 471 6437 eller 070 167 90 49
Mats Ekström, tel. 471 6437 eller 070 425 07 56