Lecture Halls

Our Lecture Halls

We have four major lecture halls at EBC. The two largest (Ekman and Fries) are situated on the ground floor in the core lecture building (Kärnhuset). The two somewhat smaller you’ll find one, Zootissalen, in the old Zoology museum building (Hus 1) and one, Lindahlssalen on the first floor above the entrance 18B (Hus 5).


These halls are equipped with beamer, audio system and hearing loop. A computer, connected to the beamer, is placed under the teacher desk. There is a connection for a second computer as well, if you need to use an external audio source, e.g. a connected laptop, there is a connection for that too. Cables should normally be present (except for brand specific adapters). VHS and DVD player is also present.


All equipment (light, audio, projectors etc.) in the lecture halls are managed with a touch panel at the teacher’s desk. Microphones are placed in the locked drawer (Zootis and Lindahl, EBC key works). In Ekman and Fries is the microphones behind the door next to the whiteboard. The code to the lock is found here below. The hearing loop is active as soon as an audio source is active (i.e. computer, VHS, DVD or microphone).

Code to the microphones in Ekman and Fries: 144114

After the lecture

Turn of the computer and then press “system off” (system från) on the touch panel, notice that you need to press it for several seconds before the system reacts!

All electronics are then switched off, the blinds go up and the lights turn on, turn of the lights at the door when you leave the room!

Hearing loops

All the lecture halls and lecture rooms 4, 5, and 6 are equipped with hearing loops. For the lecture rooms 1, 2, and 3 portable equipment for hearing loops is available at the campus management (extn. 6437). 

In addition this, individual portable hearing aids are also available for smaller rooms without installed hearing loops. These can be booked in TimeEdit and collected from Afsaneh Ahmadzade at the Biology Education Centre, Norbyvägen 14

Problems with the AV-equipment are reported to the technicians, phone 471 6437

Problems with the computers are reported to computer@ebc.uu.se (urgent matters, phone 471 2935)