Safety in the lab

  • You are responsible for finding out the routines for how to work safely, for instance how to handle equipment, fume hoods, chemicals, UV-light, GMO, radioactivity, microbial work, contagious material (virus, bacteria or parasites in for instance blood, faeces, feathers).
  • Do not eat or drink in any of the labs.
  • Do not wear lab coat and gloves in offices or lunchrooms.
  • Never use contaminated gloves when touching things that others might come in contact with. Change gloves often, especially if you work with hazardous chemicals.
  • Be aware of how chemicals can cause irritation and harm: Avoid wearing rings during lab work as they will trap chemicals as well as germs. Do not use contact lenses during lab work as they will absorb chemicals splashed in your eye preventing the eyes being properly rinsed.
  • Keep your work area tidy; less things in your work area reduces the risk of accidents.
  • When leaving for the day, make sure the work area is clean, turn off lights and equipment.