Edit web pages at EBC

Our new web tool InfoGlue has two types of interface, fullediting (CMS) and Edit-On-Sight (EOS). Most users will only use the Edit-On-Sight interface. There are also two kinds of authorization:

Writers (skribent):
- can only access the EOS interface
- can only edit existing pages
- cannot publish page, only "send for publishing" - need to get someone with editor-authorization to publish
[Read more at the Writers Quick Guide]

Editors (redaktör):
- can access both the CMS and the EOS interface
- can both create, rename, remove and edit pages
- can publish pages directly
You need to take a full Editor's course to be able to get this authorization.

Sometimes InfoGlue is not completely logic - or there are bugs that have not been fixed yet. Try and find information at http://support.webb.uu.se - but if you cannot find help there, try your local webmaster. Please read up on how things work BEFORE you start!


To edit your personal webpage at the Uppsala University catalogue, please log on to Medarbetarportalen at http://mp.uu.se. You use your CAS-id and password A and do not need to register for authorization before starting.

In Medarbetarportalen you can also find all sorts of services and info, as well as join and create working groups. Soon there will also be internal information added from the different departments.

How to become a user in InfoGlue

To get access to web editing, please contact the web coordinator for your department.

Your CAS-id is needed for the application, so please attach this to the email.

Main web co-ordinator at EBC: Stefan Ås, stefan.as@ebc.uu.se