Wireless Network

New wireless network, 2010-10-07

Hi all, as you might have noticed there is a new wireless network installed at EBC. The network that previously covered the library, the restaurant, the two major lecture halls and the student resting areas, is now present in almost all our buildings (museums and basement excluded).

To use the network you need to log in which can be done in two ways. Information about wireless networks within Uppsala university can be found at http://www.eduroam.uu.se .

The two options to log in to the network are UpUnet-S and Eduroam. Upunet -S is very simple to use, chose UpUnet-S and you are directed to a webpage where you log in with your CAS-identity (the same identity you use for e-mail and logging in to university services) and your password A.

Eduroam is a bit more complicated to install but well worth the effort since you can use your Uppsala login for wireless networks at most European universities as well as a number of universities in the rest of the World as well as a number of other places like the railway station and Arlanda airport! Instructions on how to install can be found on the web-page mentioned above!

You can’t use the wireless network to access local network resources as or Huxley but with the printer system (Korint) the printers are accessible.

A good thing to know if you will have guests everybody with a valid entry in the university catalog can create up to 5 guest accounts that can be valid for 1-7 days. This enables them to log on to UpUnet-S (if they don’t have a eduroam account). Log in to "medarbetarportalen"" at mp.uu.se!

Stefan Ås