EBC: Rutiner för mikrobiologiskt arbete

Routines for microbial work

By law all micro organisms should be considered as pathogens and disposed thereafter. This includes bacteria, bacteriophages, yeast and other fungi. Use Jodopax at a concentration of 0, 05% iodine in order to disinfect the micro organisms. If Jodopax contains 5% iodine, dilute1:100 in order to get 0, 05% solution. It is not allowed to introduce new microbes into the lab without notifying the head of the department.

The following rules apply:

  • Glass pipettes must be put in buckets with 0, 05% iodine.
  • Pipette tips must be put in 0, 05% iodine or autoclaved.
  • Bacterial and bacteriophage cultures must be killed with 0, 05% iodine.
  • Waste petri dishes with microorganisms should be autoclaved and then put in with the regular garbage. Carry the waste to the garbage room yourself.
  • Spilled bacteria are to be treated with 70% ethanol or 0, 05% iodine and wiped up.